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Hello! Recently there's been an influx of request-ees so I decided to write down in a convenient location to throw out some guidelines instead of retyping it over and over again.

1) First of all, send me a note! Don't comment it on a deviation, PM me the details of your request! For example: [[Hello, are you taking requests? I would like (subject) if it's not too much trouble!]] Even if I decline the request, you can copy paste the details onto another artist that will take your request!

2) Details! I don't like to be "left alone in the sandbox" so to speak, I need some details and suggestions? Specific clothing, personality, location, scene, etc. I tend to entertain the request of the well thought out ones more than a "hey draw this please". I don't have much creativity. All the details you can manage!

I'm easily flustered when I am not given enough details to work around, please forgive my replies if they come off offensive. See 4).

3) Subject matter I won't touch:
    -No nudity
    -No depictions of sexual intercourse 
    -No furries
    -No anthro planes
    -No weird fetishes (I don't even know the names)
    -If the subject matter is deemed too difficult I will be forced to drop it
    -There's probably something I've missed but I'll expand this list as we go.

4) Keep in mind I am not being paid (unless you have indeed paid), as such, request tend to be less polished than personal works. I am spending free time for no reimbursement (once again, unless you have paid), please understand! :S If I am hostile to your request due to lack of detail keep in mind you are not respecting my free time by being vague and unspecific.

Sorry to be so harsh o/

Happy browsing!
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December 6, 2016


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